Waltz Time


    Standard Time
 Teardrop Waltz
 Cheaters Waltz
 Famous Last Words
 Amazing Grace
 Lay Down Beside Me
 Waltzing Forever
 Hello Darling 
 You've Got Me Waltz
 Forever And Always
 Six Ribbons
 All Through The Night
 Rainbow Majic
 N  Dream On
 GT Waikato Chorography Comp 2007
  Suzanna (First)
  Luv To Boogie  (Second)
  Just In Time   (Third)


 Three by Two Cha Cha
 Joe Knows How
 Shaky Ground 
  One More Tine
 Think It Over
 Coconut Cream
 Country as Boy Can Be
 Bottle It Up
 Bl--dy Something
 A Small Cafe`
 Gracie's Goodby
 Best Day
 Soft Place To Fall
 Gonna Get It Right
 G -Whiz
 Another Letter To You
 Walk Out Backwards
 I'm The One
 My Country Girl
 Rock Bottom
 I Got My Baby
 I Was Wrong
 Summer Breeze
 Takin' My Time
 Baby Baby - Have Mercy
 High On THe Mountain
 Watch Me Shine
 My Special Angel
Right Tonight
  Two Dollars In The Jukebox  
 N Take A Walk
 N Like I Never
 N Over The Mountains
 N Listen To Your Senses

 Pipe Dream
 Ain` Worth a Dime
 Time to Party
 Country Man
 That`s Me
 Small Town Saturday Night
 Messin With My Mind
 Might Be Love
 Rock Bottom
 Happiness Is You
 Borrowed Angel
 Honky Tonk Angels
 On My Mind
 Heart Queen
 Bless My Soul
 I 'm Working On
 The One I Turn To
 Silver Bird
 Moving On
 Lights On The Hill
 Takin' My Time
 Before The Next Teardrop 
 Calypso Sounds 2004
  90 Mile Shuffle
  Senorita Mas Fina
 N Pick Me Up